We give because God gave first


Scripture says giving is to be viewed as a spiritual act of worship and that it is to be the joy and responsibility of every believer. Giving money to the Lord is not something that we are supposed to view as a burdensome obligation, rather quite the contrary. This is a radical and counter-cultural point of view. Because while the rest of the world worships money as god, we are to worship God with our money.


The Bible teaches that God has called every believer to give regularly, generously, cheerfully, and in proportion to what they have been given. This sacrificial kind of giving makes sense in light of the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross. As we invest in God’s work, we are lay up treasures in heaven and participate in what the Lord is doing on the earth now. (2 Corinthians 9:7Matthew 6:20Proverbs 3:9)


At the end of every year detailed financial statements, listing contributions made online or at the church that year, are given out. When you give online you will also be emailed a receipt immediately. If you don’t come to Vive City Chapel in person, but you listen to messages online and feel called to give above and beyond what you give to your local church, we appreciate you partnering together with us!


You can also support Vive City Chapel with Amazon Smile and Amazon will give back a percentage of your purchases to our church.

  • Creative Ways to Give

    For additional assistance regarding your contributions or to make bequests and charitable planned gifts, please email us at info@vivecitychapel.org.

  • Automatic Contributions

    By signing up for online giving, either through your bank or our website, you can ensure your gift is automatically transferred on the day(s) of your choosing. This is an easy way to make your giving hassle-free and consistent. 

  • Special Sales

    Consider selling unused items, hosting a garage sale or holding an online auction and giving the proceeds toward the Bring Life Campaign. The sale of major assets, such as a house, car, land or a business can also provide previously untapped revenue for giving. 

  • Tax Refunds & Savings

    Added giving to Vive City Chapel can create tax savings. By giving these tax refunds and savings back to God’s work, you can increase your total giving. 

  • Freedom from Debt

    As you look ahead to the next couple of years, you may discover some current loans or debt obligations that will be fulfilled. By investing the money you would have been paying on a car or credit card balance once it’s paid off, you can free up additional funds to give. 

  • Charitable Givings Resources

    Reviewing your charitable gifts in light of the kingdom of God affords a resource for significant giving. For example, you might usually give to other causes and non-profits. Consider diverting those gifts to the Bring Life campaign during your pledge, and resume these contributions afterward.

  • Cash Flow Gifts

    You can give significantly by contributing smaller amounts at higher frequencies. Weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly giving allows substantial gifts to be reached in smaller steps. 

  • Income-producing Assets

    Any interest income, payments from rental properties, or monies from other income- producing assets can provide a source for increased giving. 

  • Corporate Gifts

    You might be able to make a significant donation by using the products or services of your business as a resource for giving. 

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