Check your kids in for church from wherever you are.

We’ve worked hard to help make checking your child in as easy, fast, and secure as possible. Below, we’ve included a step-by-step on how you can take advantage of this convenient system each week.

Step 1: Download the Church Center App

The Church Center App is an extension of Planning Center, which we currently use for our ViveKids check-in process. This app allows you to use Family Pre-Check to check your child in for ViveKids before ever stepping in the doors. Alternatively, you can also visit to log in and begin the check-in process. However, you will still need to download the Church Center App to check in your kids.


Available on iPhone and iPad


Available on Android phone

Step 2: Select Vive City Chapel as Your Church

  • Open the Church Center App and click the “Get started” button

  • Select the option to “Search manually” for your church

  • Type “Vive City Chapel” in the name field

  • Type “15651 NW 6th Ave” in the address field

  • Hit “Search” and select the Vive City Chapel icon when it pops up

  • Then select “This is my church

Step 3: Create or Log In to Your Planning Center Account

  • Enter your mobile phone number.

  • You will be texted a 6-digit login code to your mobile phone.

  • Enter that 6-digit login code to the Church Center App.

  • If you already have a Planning Center login, you will be given the option to select that user profile.

  • If you are new to Planning Center, this will be where you will create a profile.

  • The Church Center App will remember your login information.

Step 4: Use Family Pre-Check This Sunday!


On Sunday morning, open the Church Center App and click on the Check-In tab. You can then select our ViveKids service and which family members you are wanting to check in. Our system will automatically place your child in the right classroom based on grade and age.

After selecting the family members to check in, select “Next.” You will then receive a QR code that will be available until after you physically check in your child on campus.

When you arrive on campus, simply walk up to one of our self-check-in kiosks and scan your QR code – no need to even touch the screen!

This will print your child’s check-in tag, the security label to securely check out your child after service, and a bag/item tag if needed.

Our self-check-in kiosk allows you to check in a child for the ViveKids classroom.

There will be a check-in assistant to help you if you run into any issues with self-check-in or to assist with any new families at Vive City Chapel.

If you have any questions regarding the Church Center App or Family Pre-Check, please ask one of our ViveKids volunteers or email us at

Vive City Chapel

(786) 657-2994

15651 NW 6th Ave, Miami, FL 33169, USA

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